هيئة الاوراق الماليه

هيئة الاوراق الماليه


Booth: [ هيئة الاوراق الماليه ]


Public shareholding companies were established in the early 1930’s. Ever since, Jordanian public have been subscribing and dealing in shares. Corporate bonds were issued in the early sixties. Transactions were handled in individual brokerage offices. Thus, the need for a well-organized market aroused, and the establishment of the Amman Financial Market (AFM) became crucial. January 1, 1978 was the birth of a leading securities market in the region. Since then, the AFM played the role of the stock exchange as well as a regulatory body.

The Securities market has made a significant qualitative transition of operating according to international standards. The passage of the Securities Law No. 23 in 1997 was indeed a landmark and a turning point for the Jordanian capital market. Three institutions emerged out of what has been the Amman Financial Market till 1997. They are:

The Jordan Securities Commission (JSC)
The Amman Stock Exchange (ASE)
The Securities Depository Center (SDC)

Separation of regulatory function from trading; restructuring the market in accordance to international standards; creating the legal framework for the issuance of new financial instruments; encouraging, attracting and protecting investors; establishing a transparent and fair market - were all main factors for issuing the Securities Law in the process of reforming the Capital Market.