Dr. Mohammad Abu Hammour held several high government positions in Jordan, most notably Minister of Industry and Trade (2003), Minister of Finance (2003-2005 and 2009-2011), and Chairman of the Executive Privatization Commission (2005-2007). Currently, he is the Secretary General of the Arab Thought Forum.

Dr. Abu Hammour also occupies the position of Chairman or Member of the Board in a number of Jordanian entities and companies, mainly: Head of the Public Finance Policy Team at the Economic Policy Development Forum established by Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Group; Chairman of the Board of Trustees in Al-Quds College; and Member of the Board in both Arab Bank-Tunisia and Orange Jordan Telecom, among others.

Dr. Abu Hammour has worked at the Central Bank of Jordan, where he promoted until he was seconded as Advisor of the Minister of Finance, and then he held the position of Secretary General at the Ministry of Finance in 2000.

He served as Chairman of the Board in many Jordanian institutions and corporations, such as Arab Potash Company; Irbid District Electricity Company; Free Zones Corporation; Jordan Industrial Estates Corporation; and Jordan Investment Board.

Dr. Abu Hammour acquired his PhD in Economics/ Public Finance from the University of Surrey in the UK in 1997. He conducted many studies during his early career, including:a study on Measuring Taxable Capacity and Tax Effort in Jordan; a paper on Attracting Foreign Direct Investments in Jordan; and a study on Global Financial Crisis and its Repercussions on Arab Economies and Capital Markets.

Key achievements of Dr. Abu Hammour during his career path in Jordan are the notable contribution in financial management modernization efforts and the implementation of several government fiscal reform programs and initiatives.